After receiving the order we will send you a letter and a postal order for the tickets and the accommodation. The tickets together with the accommodation vouchers can be picked up at the festival reception desk after the presentation of a proof of payment.
First name and surname:
Address (street, street number, city, post code):
Thursday Monastery Church 200 Czech crowns a ticket:
Thursday Music Machine club 250 Czech crowns a ticket:
Friday Centre of Culture 350 Czech crowns a ticket:
Saturday cinema OKO 50 Czech crowns a ticket:
Permanent admission card 650 Czech crowns:

Ticket and accommodation reservation:
Dům kultury Šumperk, s.r.o., Fialova 3, 787 01 Šumperk,,
Monika Faltusová, tel.: 583 214 276, fax: 583 214 287, e-mail:

Permanent admission card ( 650 Czech crowns)
(Friday + Saturday + bonus CD)

Friday Main evening concert ( 350 Czech crowns)

Saturday Main evening concert ( 420 Czech crowns)